About connotation and authority.


Über Konnotation und Autorität.

Bei folgenden Texten handelt es sich um Rezensionen
von Internet-Usern über den Nagellack
Significant Other Color von OPI.

Die Texte sind unverändert übernommen
und die Quellen unkenntlich gemacht.

Lisa Mühleisen, September 2014

“The base color of OPI Significant Other Color, which is pink-leaning-towards-lilac. SOC is a sheer layering polish with a predominantly green duochrome shimmer.”

“This polish reminds me of OPI’s Nomad’s Dream, but it’s a bit more pinky pearl. The reviews here seem to be split between boring or gorgeous, so I suppose it’s a matter of taste. I really like it. I’ve only worn it alone, and yes, it is rather sheer, but it gives your nails a finished classy look. The fun part comes when the duochrome kicks in...at just the right angle, it’s a coppery candy pink...from straight on, it’s almost a silvery sage. And sometimes it looks nude. It’s a good color to play with. I haven’t layered it over other colors yet, but a previous reviewer said it looks great over black...I might even try it over something like wnice break from all the opaque neon colors. It reminds me of seashells!.”

“This is a pale purple pearl color. It’s very pretty but it is almost nude-like and I was hoping for something a bit more purple. It is perfect if you want a hint of color and it seems like something you would get for a wedding but I did not notice much purple at all when it is on your nails.”

„In the bottle this colour looks super fun – it’s a kind of iridescent purple. It came as part of a gift set, so I wouldn’t normally have chosen it, but I gave it a try and was extremely let down. Its practically clear and is hardly purple at all – it only gives off that opalescence kind of sheen. The quality as always is fabulous but I was not impressed with the colour at all.“

“OPI Significant Other Color is a really pretty metallic duochrome that was missing from my collection until I recently saw it at Ulta.

It’s a pink lavender shade that has strong flashes of green/gold. While it’s on the more sheer and light side from what I normally like, I can’t help but love it because of the strong duochrome finish.

Just a wee bit brush-stroke-y, but not bad, not bad. This is three thin coats and it’s just so pretty!“

“Recently bought this after debating about it for a VERY LONG time, I dont know what took me so long! I am in LOVE with this polish.
On its own it takes about three/four coats to look like it does in the bottle so instead I apply two coats of it over a pastel purple (Planks a Lot) and it creates the colour in the bottle. I always recieve compliments when wearing it, it makes me feel so girly, even my mum borrows it! Will 100% buy again when I run out.”

“This polish is such an interesting colour! The base of it is a pretty lavender colour, but it flashes a kind of minty green one way, and red the other! I used 3 coats and topcoat here… you can still see some of the brushstrokes, but it’s not terrible. I am having a hard time describing this polish, so I will just leave you with picture overload!”

“The reviewers here have described SOC’s color in all different ways! So here’s my take on it. It has a midtone lilac base, with a startling, microshimmer flash that’s yellowish green from some angles, and bronze from others. I have light, cool-olive skin (neutral with green undertones), and pure yellow-green or bronze polish would look awful on me. When a color looks wrong on me, it looks REALLY wrong. However, since this polish bases its warm flash in a cool purple, it looks a-okay against my skin! In fact, I suspect this polish would complement a variety of skin undertones. And this polish isn’t simply flattering. It just plain looks special, too. It takes three shades that seem like they would clash, and somehow melds them together beautifully. I don’t know whether there’s a dupe out there. But even if there is, this color combination is still unusual and unexpected.”