With poems in their native language by

Bruno Silva, Lisa Mühleisen, Olve Sande, Guillaume Dorvillé, Fabio Viscogliosi and Hugo Pernet.

Untranslated poetry is published in conjunction with SOFT POWER PALACE,  Festival about independent art spaces in Europe 2018.

Editorial design — Simon Feydieu

Editorial assistant — Frédéric Houvert

Graphic design — Claire Rolland

lesZZéditions, April 2019

Edited in 100 copies

Printed at atelier laMezz,

Pierre Bénite, France.

The poems are printed on A5, then folded in A6. Each names are read through the thin paper of the folded back page. The poem is read once you have cut the folded page.

Cover: The paper is dark green, the title is silkscreened. Every reader/producer will customize the cover with stickers, one name by stickers.

Uncut, the content looks pale unreadable soft white.

All books will be produced hand-made during a 2 days workshop.

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